House Concert Oct 20 Johnsmith

Live Music Lovers!

Our next House Concert is Friday, Oct 20 with the wonderful musician Johnsmith.  Just how wonderful is he? See the reviews below!

We can attest to Johnsmith’s extraordinary talent as we took an Irish music tour with him several years ago, and it still reverberates in our musical bones!  We look forward to sharing his live music with you, and supporting a great musician, in the common space of our Durham Cohousing residence. All proceeds go to the musician – a great way to support singer-songwriters in an era of technologically diminishing returns.

John has a loyal following in the area, so the concert is likely to fill up.  RSVP to let us know if you can join us.  A $20 check reserves your seat:  Dave Austin at 130 Hunt St., Apt 407;  Durham, 27701.

Hoping to see you!

Dave, Pam, and the Durham Coho House Concert Team

REVIEWS for Johnsmith:
  • Sing Out! Magazine:    Johnsmith extends his growing, glowing reputation…beautiful, high tenor voice, excellent guitar playing, and spirited, uplifting songs. His music is open-hearted, unpretentious, grounded in the personal, yet always accessible and universal.
  • PJ Curtis (Music Producer):  Johnsmith's latest album, The Longing Road (his 7th release) is, to my ears, his finest recorded work to date. From opening to closing notes, you are rewarded with 14 superbly-crafted poem-songs; delivered with soul and sincerity, style and grace, supported by cream-of-the-crop Roots musicians (like Darrell Scott) and all overseen by Producer extraordinaire Tom Prasado-Rao.  John's rich, emotive and 'lived-in' voice has never sounded better; at once poignant and bitter-sweet yet humorous and playful, John's gentle, poetic soul always shines through.  This album is, quite simply a real gem; a collection to be treasured, savored and enjoyed for many a day to come.
  • Tim O’Brien:  John's plays and sings so well you almost don't notice how good his songs are. It's all there, and he's this nice regular guy you want to hang out with. Watch out, his music will sneak up on you. 

TUNES on his website: