Welcome new Associate Members Arlene and Dan Lutenegger

Arlene and Dan join us from Minnesota, where they have had a long-standing interest in cohousing and were involved in an effort to start a cohousing community in Minneapolis. Arlene and Dan took 4 days to drive to Durham for a week-long visit, where they met with several DurhamCoho members and visited our site to see the demolition work.

Just a reminder, folks. We still have two units left, a 1500 sq ft 2 bedroom on the 2nd floor looking out on the downtown Durham skyline, and a 1180 sq ft 1st floor garden apartment that is fully ADA-compliant. A perfect apartment for somebody who uses a wheelchair, or who has a pet, or just wants to be on the same floor as the laundry and other common areas.

And we're off!

Community members have been sending in photos from 128 Hunt Street, where workers from Landmark Construction are demolishing the two buildings that were on the site of our future cohousing condominium.

Needless to say, we’re all thrilled and excited as we embark on the final phase of our project. Stay tuned!

Doug takes down our sign because the building it’s on is about to disappear.

Demolition starts with the arrival of large trucks carrying heavy equipment.

Taking the first bite.

Off to the landfill.

Next step. excavating our 25-car parking garage.