Welcome Carolyn Kroll

Please join us in welcoming Carolyn, our newest Equity Member. We now have 17 equity members. Our bank says we must have 18 pre-sold units in order to qualify for a construction loan, and a little birdie tells me that our 18th member is waiting in the wings.

We'll be starting programming with our architects in late October, and we expect to purchase our lot before Thanksgiving. If you've been putting off getting in touch, don't wait any longer. Contact us now!

Welcome Kathy Buck and Ken Moore

Please join us in welcoming Kathy and Ken, our newest Equity Members. We’ve now sold 16 of our 24 units, and a little bird tells me that numbers 17 and 18 are spoken for. If nothing goes wrong in the next couple of weeks, we will have reached our goal of 18 units, the number our bank says we have to have to get our construction loan. Now we’re aiming to have all 24 sold before we actually sign for the loan.

What’s our secret? We’re not selling condos. We’re selling community.

If you’ve been thinking about living in urban cohousing in a small city, don’t wait any longer. Email us right away!

Welcome Heather Linton and Peter Eastman

Please join us in welcoming Heather and Peter, our newest Equity Members. We’ve now sold 15 of our 24 units. Our goal of 18 units, which our bank says we have to have to get our construction loan, is very much within our grasp.

Why are we succeeding in a housing market where other condominium projects are failing to launch and where completed condos are being auctioned off to the highest bidder? Because we’re not selling condos. We’re selling a neighborhood.

If you’ve been thinking about living in urban cohousing in a small city, don’t wait any longer. Our prices will be going up in late October. Email us right away!

"The Shareable Future of Cities"

“The Shareable Future of Cities”

TED Conference, July 2011

Alex Steffen speaks about “The shareable future of cities” at a recent TED conference. His is an optimistic take on how cities can play an important and sustainable role in the challenges the world faces, pinpointing ways that urban living promotes a lighter footprint on earth. Food for thought as we develop our downtown high-rise coho.

Click here for the ten-minute video.

Operation Downsize

Welcome guest blogger Kendy Madden!

An Early Dispatch from Operation Downsize

By Kendy Madden

War is being waged at the Maddens. Unlike most however, this is not one of aggressive expansionism, but rather that of attrition. While we would never be of interest to A&E’s Hoarders, we are fighting a serious clutter problem here on West Knox. Our objective is to reduce what we have by at least two thirds. We do not yet know the exact size of our new digs with the Durham Central Park Co-housing Community, but our preliminary intelligence suggests 1100 square feet. So stuff that has not been touched for years, kids’ projects from first grade, mementoes, the booty of a life in one place has got to go.

Making guesses about what is superfluous and what will be valuable in the future is difficult. However the early casualties are mounting as the first sweep through the house takes place. Wastebaskets are full of bathing suits with shot elastic, spices in rusty cans that have lived in the back of the cupboard for years, and cassette tapes of howler monkey calls. A paper bag swells with old checks, bills, and personal papers waiting for the next appearance of the shred-it truck.

The assault on the clutter is only relatively painless, however. An arsenal of old towels will go to the APS, but with what shall we sop up the inevitable next flood? A twenty bag donation to the library has still left us with enough reading material to open our own small branch.

I lingered over a copy of “Gone With the Wind”. I imagined my granddaughter curled up in a chair during some future summer too engrossed in romance and Reconstruction to watch TV or walk over to the Y for a swim. The pile of canvas tarps that are only used once in a blue moon covered our saddles and cargo the year we walked down the spine of the Andes. My grandmother’s, mother’s and my own hooked and needlepoint rugs? Way too many for the floor space we will have. These are decisions that are going to be agonizing, and we will all have to face them.

To that end, I offer my assistance in helping you with the conquest of your things. I may have trouble tossing out my own stuff, but yours should be a snap for me. My advice, begin your battle plans soon. The shedding of the past to make way for the future is going to be a very emotional front.

Welcome new Associates!

Please join us in a warm “Welcome!” to our newest Associates.

  • Anne Lazarides
  • Hope Shand & Charlie Thompson
  • Kathy Turlington and Bill Taub

We now have 10 households of Associate members. Since we already have 14 of our 24 planned units sold, if all 10 of our Associate households decide to join us, we’ll be sold out. If you’ve been thinking about joining us, don’t wait any longer or you could miss your chance. Email info@durhamcoho.com for more information.