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From Gary Kueber, the originator of the Endangered Durham blog, here’s Open Durham.

Participation encouraged in new website about Durham


Welcome Kathy Turlington, Bill Taub, Lu Rose, and Carl Rose

Please join us in welcoming Kathy, Bill, Lu, and Carl, who will be joining us as our 18th and 19th members. Our lenders told us that we must have 75% of our units pre-sold in order to get our construction loan. With the addition of these new neighbors we’ve passed that goal!

In a housing environment where ordinary condo projects are failing, and existing condos are being auctioned off to the highest bidder, Durham Central Park Cohousing Community is 80% sold. Why? Because we’re not selling condos. We’re selling community.

It’s not too late to be part of our project. We'll be starting programming with our architects in late October, and we expect to purchase our Hunt St. lot before Thanksgiving. If you've been putting off getting in touch, don't wait any longer. Only 5 units remain. Contact us now!

Community Living

On a trip to the Midwest this summer, Doug and Nancy were stopped in their tracks by a couple of quotes that brought the coho to mind. They were walking around Yellow Springs, Ohio touring its public art, after a nice dinner at Winds Café. The quotes were on a bench covered with colorful inlaid ceramic pieces.

“Living together is an art.” William Pickens
“Communication leads to community.” Rollo May

 A nice reminder of home!