Choosing our units!

On Sunday May 13, armed with floor plans from the architects and marker pens, members of Durham Central Park Cohousing Community held a party during which we officially chose our units in our new building. Starting with Nancy and Doug Henderson-James, our members with the longest tenure, each member strode, marched, or danced to the front of the room and signed their names on their soon-to-be new address.

Below, Nancy Henderson-James chooses 404 for her husband Doug and herself.

Alice Alexander and David Scheidt adopt unit 405.

Helen Griffen takes 303.

Lu and Carl Rose get their choice of unit 304.

J Mackey (left), our newest member, talked over the plans with architect Ken Friedlein, before selecting unit 107.

Welcome Peggy and Andy

Welcome to our newest Associate Members, Peggy Kinney and Andy Stewart! Peggy and Andy joined us at our most exciting time so far: the choosing of our units. With the number of available units going down and the number of Associate Members going up, we’ll soon be sold out. If you’re interested in being part of our community there’s no time to wait. Let us know now!

Welcome J Mackey

Welcome J Mackey, our 21st member! J joined us just in time to be a part of our unit selection party. Yesterday we each picked our unit, so now we all know what our address will be and who will be on the same floor with us! Needless to say we’re thrilled. Please stop back by this web site soon. In the next few days we’ll have floor plans for each of the five units still available.

Welcome new associates Marian, J, and Sue

Please welcome Marian Place, J Mackey and Sue Alexander, our newest Associate members. With only 5 units left to sell, the time for buying into DCPCC is coming to a close. If you’ve been thinking about joining us on Hunt Street, it’s now or never.