Heads up!

There’s nothing like a shared project to help build community. As we design our common areas we thought it would be useful to put down tape to mark the borders of our various rooms so we could see if the size felt right. Being good stewards of our meeting rooms of course we had to take it back up after the meeting was over.

Heads up! (I’m not even going to try to identify the people in this photo!)


You have to be very careful to not pull the finish off the wood. (L-to-R) David, Lu, Carl.


Our treasurer Diana shows she can do more than just sign checks.


Won’t these be great folks to share our common space with? (L-to-R) Martha, Carl, Lu, David.


More photos from the Occoneechee Mountain hike

Thanks to Erica, here are a couple of more photos from the DCPCC hike at Occoneechee Mountain on the 16th.

(L-to-R) Erin, Kathy, Lu, Carl, David, Nancy, Alice, Martha, Ken, Doug.


(L-to-R) Erica, Kathy, Lu, Carl, David, Nancy (above), Alice (below), Martha, Ken, Doug.


Photos from the DCPCC hike at Occoneechee Mountain

Last Monday, Ken led a group of DCPCC members on a hike at Occoneechee Mountain. Here’s a couple of photos from the hike. (Thanks, Nancy!)

(L-to-R) Alice, Lu, Ken


David mugs for the camera.


More photos from our land celebration

Thanks to Nancy, here are a few more photos from our land celebration last Saturday.

Doug, Alice, Dave, and Pam check out Pam’s cartoon envisioning what life will be like in our condominium.


Kathy and Ken:


Amy “testifies” about why she wants to live with DCPCC:


Tim shares his dream for DCPCC:


We had 70 people at our celebration yesterday

We had 70 people attend our celebration at 128 Hunt Street yesterday. The Raleigh News & Observer had a wonderful story about it, above the fold on the front page of the Triangle section. Here’s a couple of photos from the party.

Several of us had a chance to tell the crowd why we want to be a part of DCPCC. Here’s Kathy on the podium with Doug, telling her story. The temperature was in the mid-40’s and we had a bit of a breeze, so we all had to get bundled up for the party.


David, Martha, and Martha’s son enjoy a pint of Fullsteam’s best: