Chuck Durrett says, "Let's Build the First!"

The "first?" The first what?

Architect, author, and cohousing expert Charles Durrett of McCamant & Durrett Architects is dedicated to assisting the members of Village Hearth Cohousing build the first 55+ LGBT-focused cohousing in the US! VHC welcomes LGBTs, friends & allies to join our intentional supportive community. We have our land, we have our city approvals, we have our designs almost completed; now we just need YOU to join us to finish moving the project forward.

In this free presentation, Chuck will talk about cohousing in general, as well as senior cohousing and Village Hearth Cohousing. Join us for this entertaining and informative talk!

Where:  Southwest Regional Library, 3605 Shannon Rd., Durham NC, in the large meeting room.
When: 4:00 p.m., Friday, August 25, 2017

Presentation will be followed by a Design Development Workshop, Aug. 26, 2017.
For information, contact Pat at

Grace Kim has a TED Talk about cohousing

This TED Talk, released in late July 2017, profiles how cohousing can make us happier and live longer.

“Loneliness doesn't always stem from being alone. For architect Grace Kim, a cofounder an an urban cohousing community in Seattle, loneliness is a function of how socially connected we feel to the people around us -- and it's often the result of the homes we live in. She shares an age-old antidote to isolation: cohousing, a way of living where people choose to share space with their neighbors, get to know them, and look after them. Rethink your home and how you live in it with this eye-opening talk.”

How Cohousing Can Make Us Happier and Live Longer