Welcome new Equity Members Anne and Chris Jones

Almost as quickly as they could Anne and Chris Jones have decided to become Equity Members in the Durham Central Park Cohousing Community. Anne and Chris are combining units 201 and 203 into one “large large” unit similar to Kathy and Bill’s unit 401. This lowers the number of households in our community from 25 to 24 and puts us at over 90% sold. (Needless to say our lenders are very, very happy.)

In a building environment where other condominium projects are failing to start or are going bankrupt we are almost sold out.

Let me say that again: We are almost sold out.

This is because we’re not selling condos, we’re selling community.

In other news we’ve decided to make #108 fully ADA-compliant. This unit is an 1182 sq. ft. 2 bedroom garden apartment on the first floor. This would be a great unit for a person who wants to live in community in Central Durham and who has a mobility impairment. You might also be interested in this apartment if you have a pet or if you just want to be on the same floor as the common areas.

Welcome new associate members Anne and Chris Jones

DCPCC welcomes Anne and Chris Jones, our newest Associate Members. Anne and Chris are attending meetings and getting to know us as they anticipate becoming full-fledged Equity Members.

Remember we only have 4 units left! Check out their unit plans here.

Welcome Sue Alexander!

Welcome Sue Alexander, our newest equity member! We’re all thrilled that Sue has decided to join us in DCPCC. She’ll be moving into #205, a beautiful medium sized unit on the north side of the 2nd floor of our building.

This leaves only 4 units left so if you’ve been holding back there’s very little time left to get the size unit you want. We still have a medium-size unit on the 1st floor, and a large unit and two single-bedroom units on the 2nd floor. Check out their floor plans here. We’ll be breaking ground in less than 2 months so don’t wait any longer!