Getting bigger

At our last meeting we agreed to grow from 24 units to 25 by adding another medium-size unit to our building. The new unit will be on the 4th floor and occupy about 1200 sq. ft. that was previously part of a 2500 sq. ft. roof terrace. The group thought that a roof terrace bigger than a tennis court might be too big. Adding a 25th unit is a win all around. Our architects pointed out that adding a new unit in that space got rid of the “gap-toothed” appearance of the roof as well, and a 25th unit distributes the common costs among more unit owners.

Also, our new associates have expressed more interest in medium-sized units than small units. Therefore we asked our architects to change a small unit planned for the northwest corner of the 4th floor to a medium-size unit. To best fit the new unit into the existing plans, our architects designed this unit to be 1280 sq. ft., about 130 sq. ft. larger than our other medium-size units.

A Walker's Paradise!

Great news for those of us who are tired of having to drive everywhere! Walk Score gives our address a score of 92 out of 100 and calls us a “Walker’s Paradise!” Check out their lists of nearby restaurants, parks, coffee shops, schools, and other nearby amenities.