About Durham

One of the best things about Durham Coho is its location, adjacent to Central Park in the heart of Durham, North Carolina. Here are a few links to videos and newspaper and magazine articles so you can discover what others think about our town!
Why Durham Is North Carolina's Hippest City
Durham is perhaps known first and foremost as the home to Duke University (and its famed basketball team), but it’s becoming a destination for much more than just Blue Devils games. (more)
Durham, Where Great Things Happen
The New York Times Style Magazine
North Carolina's axis of cool
With food trucks, design collectives and rehabbed downtowns, the Research Triangle - the patch of North Carolina that is home to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill... (more)
The other melting pot
There is no shop in Rio de Janeiro, for instance, that next to an array of carioca fare would allow you to select among 18 multiplicities of chile peppers and buy Tampico punch and sample casabe bread.

Where it does exist is in Durham, N.C. (more)
25 Best Places to Retire
1. Durham, NC
Durham would rank as a retiree Mecca even without Duke University's stellar lifelong-learning program. Residents enjoy four seasons... (more) (Video)
100 best places to live and launch
12. Durham, NC
Durham is home to beautiful botanical gardens, the famous Durham Bulls minor-league baseball team, the new Nasher Museum of Art and is surrounded by top-notch golf courses, including the Pinehurst Resort. (more)
Durham neighborhood swings for fences
The Durham Bulls lost to the Indianapolis Indians Monday night at the historic Durham Athletic Park, but the once-declining neighborhood around the stadium still comes out a winner. (more)
America's Most Tolerant Cities
1. Durham, NC

In honor of [Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday], the Daily Beast sought to determine which urban centers are havens for tolerance. (more)
The New York Times
A Corner of Durham, N.C., Comes to Life
Like firecrackers exploding around downtown Durham, clusters of small businesses are popping up and enlivening one desolate block after another. Over the past months, the loudest bangs have been heard in the Central Park District near the corner of Rigsbee Avenue and West Geer Street...(more)
The New York Times
The 41 Places to Go in 2011
35. Durham, N.C.
A decade ago, downtown Durham was a place best avoided after sundown. But as revitalization has transformed abandoned tobacco factories and former textile mills into bustling mixed-use properties, the city... (more) (photo)
The New York Times
Durham Dining: Pies, Panini and Barbeque
No longer a ghost town, downtown Durham, N.C., has emerged in recent years as an exciting, unexpected food hub. (more)
U.S. News and World Report
Best Places to Live 2009
Durham, North Carolina
Once a tobacco town, Durham, N.C., has evolved into a world-class center of all things advanced. This city of 206,000, located halfway between the Atlantic coast and the Great Smoky Mountains, is called the "City of Medicine"... (more)
Durham Central Park
Downtown Durham