What is Durham Central Park Cohousing Community?

Durham Central Park Cohousing is a community of individuals and families contributing to each other’s lives. We share community meals once a week, enjoy Happy Hour gatherings most nights, and join together to work and play in many ways. Members help each other as they can with, say, airport rides or cooked meals during illness, while respecting individual privacy, and recognizing that we all have lives outside the community. We each contribute as our talents and energy allows to maintain our common space and support our community activities. We take pride in our shared governance model.

Why do we choose to live in cohousing?

Our members enjoy a downsized, community-oriented and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Cohousing offers:
  • Community. We’re happier, healthier, longer living people with daily social interactions and connections.
  • Sustainability.  Our energy costs are reduced with our efficient building systems, shared resources, and sustainable approaches to living.
  • An Enhanced Life. We find joy in playing together, sharing milestones, and collaboratively caring for our home. We value individual worth, community spirit, vibrancy and sustainability.