How We Build Community

We give of our time and talents for the benefit of the community by:
  • Engaging in shared governance through service on task circles and hubs and participating in monthly plenary meetings that guide our community life.
  • Caring for our building and grounds by contributing our time and talents to keeping them clean and beautiful.
  • Participating on a regular basis by choosing activities based on our interests, talents and skills, including opportunities for initiative and leadership.
We commit to work together on a regular basis based on our interests, talents and skills including opportunities for initiative and leadership. Examples of jobs:   
  • Preparing a meal with a cook-team (Common Meals Task Circle)
  • Cleaning the stairwells on a semi-annual work day (Working It Hub)
  • Managing building maintenance contracts (Buildings & Grounds Hub)
  • Overseeing cleaning services of common spaces (Housekeeping Task Circle)
  • Mulching spring flower beds (Landscape Task Circle)
  • Paying community bills (Bookkeeping Task Circle)
  • Planning annual retreat activities (Community Life Hub)
  • Organizing our Open House Day (External Relations Task Circle)
We enjoy interacting and socializing with each other on a regular basis, selecting our own level of engagement. Examples of activities that enhance our culture of sharing and caring:
  • Hosting movie nights and game nights
  • Offering airport rides
  • Sharing vegetables grown in the garden or fruit from berry-picking
  • Organizing pop-up dinners
  • Involving neighbors in civic service opportunities
  • Sharing tickets to performances and sport events
  • Participating in casual interest groups for writers, artists, quilters, science-fans, readers and meditators, etc.