Doug Henderson-James

Grew-up on the move throughout the upper mid-west. Dad was a labor organizer. Lived in trailer parks until junior high. Very vagabond existence with minimal parental oversight. One trailer park in Kentucky was close to the Ohio River. Told not to visit the hobo camp, on the banks of the river near the railroad bridge, the gang immediately visited. The gang were 5, 6 and 7 year olds. We got scared as we “spied” on the camp. In running away, one of the gang step on a nail puncturing his foot so badly that we had to carry him home. The slow and bloody progress we made through the woods is still a very vivid memory. In another trailer park, the gang, now 4th, 5th, 6th graders decided to create a fort complete with a stockade. In the process of building the stockade we took down a complete stand of trees on the neighboring farm. The joys of unsupervised childhood.

Junior High and High School were normality plus. I was a typical nerdy student, playing nerdy sports (tennis, swimming) and participating in nerdy activities (debate, newspaper, yearbook). Went to Carleton College, Northfield, MN. Majored in History with a minor in economics. Sophomore year started going out with my wife-to-be Nancy Henderson. We graduated in June of 1967 and married in June of 1968. While at Carleton I participated in campus politics, was on the student council, helped organize and went on the first march on Washington DC against the Vietnam War, was a member of SDS.

Taught high school social studies for six years following graduation. Five of those years were in Jackson MN, out on the edge of the prairie that Garrison Keillor so vividly describes in his letters from Lake Wobegon. Our first son Nathan was born in the hospital in Jackson, where Nancy spent one year as a Nurse's aide. While I had a very good job (nothing like being a social studies teacher, what with the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, Woman's movement all contributing to the social ferment) there was nothing for Nancy to do. So we decided to teach somewhere in Africa. Waiting for the call to summon us to town or village in an English speaking African Country we lived in Brooklyn. While there Nancy got her Library Science Masters and I work at SUNY at Stone Brook. My job was developing computer simulations of social processes for public schools in the US.

With no job in sight as Nancy’s end of year drew near, I applied to graduate schools and accepted Duke's invitation. We moved to Durham (August 1974). Two years later we moved into 912 Shepherd Street. Two years later our other son, Noel, was born. Thirty-four years after moving into 912 Shepherd Street we are selling this house, our home, to move into our new home, DCPCC.

My Duke degree is in Health Administration. And I have worked in that field since graduation in 1976. First with a quasi-governmental planning agency, then five years teaching in the Health Administration program at Duke, then15 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a futurist/market analyst and then 8 years as a consultant to hospitals, physician groups and pharmaceutical companies.

Both sons are married, Nathan and Dina, Noel and Lisa. Nathan and Dina live in LA where she is a PhD student in classics at USC and Nathan is the web guru for ACORN's new 501 C3 organization. He has worked for ACORN since graduating from Carleton College in 1992. Noel and Lisa live in New Orleans, though they are in the process of moving to NYC so Lisa can resume a dancing career that was put on hold as she got her undergraduate degree at Tulane. Noel is a developer of low and moderate income housing. He and Lisa moved to NOLA after the hurricane to help rebuild the city. No grandchildren.

In 2002, Nancy and I built the Hut on land in Caswell County (about an hour from Durham). It is our getaway and Nancy's writing retreat. We both like to bike (recent trips - the GAP, The C & O bike trail, Canal du Midi in Southern France), canoe (recent trip - 3 days 2 nights on the Roanoke River), hike and walk, cross country ski. And foreign travel ( 2010 - Angola, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa; 2009 - Canada, the big cities of the east; 2008 - Nicaragua, France; 2006 - Portugal; 2003 - Greece, Croatia, Budapest, UK).