Alice Alexander

I landed in Durham almost 10 years ago full of expectation: a friend from an institute I attend had described “kindred spirits.” Living in Cincinnati at the time, I was out of my element in a conservative, slow-moving city, that didn’t know what to make of my exuberant personality. I was also aching to move back to the east coast, and sunshine. I was so pleased – and remain so – with my new life and community in Durham, which I share with my partner of 14 years, David Scheidt. We live in a 1927 Dutch colonial in Old North Durham, with a huge kitchen for my creative cooking and dream dining room for lots of dinner parties (both of which will be hard to leave).

I’m originally a Washingtonian, although I was born in Chapel Hill, and my family is from Charlotte (hence the thin southern blood that was miserable in the Midwest). I attended the College of William and Mary, and did graduate work at George Mason University.

I have devoted my professional – and much of my personal – life to nonprofit management and fundraising. Professionally, I serve as Vice President for Planned Parenthood, headquartered in Raleigh and covering four states. As a volunteer, I support the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (I’m passionate about sustainable agriculture) and “Team Generosity” at Eno River Unitarian Fellowship. Nonprofit boards I've served on include Durham Central Park, The Scrap Exchange, SE Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute, Community Shares, and Habitat for Humanity. Two volunteer accomplishments I am most proud: helping to build the Durham Farmer's Market, and starting a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Virginia.

I am thrilled to be actualizing my life long dream of cohousing. I thrive on community yes, but my rationale in diving into cohousing is as much about my desire to live with a small carbon footprint. On the practical side: I may love my historic home, but I tire of the responsibility and liability!

I cherish freedom of thought, intellectual challenge, building community, and promoting compassion. I was a champion volleyball player in my younger days; now I’m proud of my yoga head stand. My license plates – continued in three states now – say much about my aspiration to be more creatively spontaneous: BE RASH.