Artists at Durham Coho

Bill O’Connor

Bill plays drums in two bands. The Mad Dog Blues Band is currently sidelined because of a health issue with one member, but the band is looking forward to getting back into action soon. The band plays an eclectic mix of everything from Chicago-style electric blues (Muddy Waters, BB King, etc) to R&B and even some classic Rock 'n Roll.

Bill's other band is the Jazztones. This six-piece ensemble plays jazz classics from the 40's - 60's and beyond. The web page is Bill is new to the group but is enjoying learning to play with some new musical friends!

Bill has played percussion since third grade, first in school bands and orchestras, including a high school stage band, then in musical pit bands, notably a string of about 10 performances with Duke Hoof 'n Horn. Bill also played at Carnegie Hall in 1970 with the Harvard-Radcliffe orchestra. Bill has no higher musical ambitions as of now.

Erica Rothman

As a video producer, Erica tends to think of most of her work as an "artistic endeavor." Editing, especially, is an endless opportunity to stretch her creativity and learn new techniques. She has also been a painter and is holding on to all the paints and canvases, waiting for the right time to jump back into that form of expression. Art and music are major foundations of her life.

Martha Scotford

Martha is a designer; she works with her hands and her computer. She designs and makes books, posters, cards and mementos for family and friends. In addition, she does handwork like sewing, embroidery, and quilting. She is very interested in type and typography, as well as color, pattern and texture. She intends to pursue these areas with more time in retirement (soon).

Lu Rose

Lu has written and published one book about her father's family and is about to send the manuscript to the publisher for a second one on her mother's family.

Pam George

Pam’s deepest feelings and understandings come from a sense of place. The places she paints sometimes include glorious panoramas of the American West – the Yellowstone of her youth, the Sonoran Desert of her family, and Big Bend National Park as Artist in Residence. They can be of more exotic sojourns—to Samoa in the Peace Corps, to Southeast Asia with Fulbright, or to southern Europe to teach or paint. Or they can be verdant vistas of the Carolina mountains and piedmont. But they can also be the intimate spaces of her grandmother’s kitchen, her flower garden, or the farmers market in downtown Durham which will soon be her new ‘hood.

She has owned the P’Gale Fine Art Studio since 2001 and is a member of the Durham Arts Guild. Additionally, she paints with a painting group, The Three Tinters, at the Durham Arts Council and Golden Belt. In 2013, her studio will move to downtown Durham.

Each year Pam fields one major solo exhibit and has held shows at many exhibition venues including Bright Leaf Square, Labour Love Gallery, Semans Gallery (Durham Arts Council), Mars Gallery (Duke University), and Golden Belt. But the only genuine fame she claims to have received as a painter is for the North Carolina Alphabet, which traveled the state and was produced into a children’s book. The under-five set think she rocks.

Nancy Henderson-James

Nancy is a memoir and essay writer ( Nancy’s memoir of growing up in Angola (At Home Abroad: An American Girl in Africa) was published in 2009 and her essays are included in a couple of other books (Unrooted Childhoods & Writing Out of Limbo)

Tish Hoover

After a long career in classical music, Tish has found her fun playing with swing and Dixieland bands. Fellow players come from all professions. Their music experience ranges from professional through folks who take their horn out of the closet after 45 years, to players who were dedicated beginners five to ten years ago. Through playing together, they bond with new friends, while they view their participation as mental therapy.