A charming short animated video about cohousing produced by Belterra Cohousing, near Vancouver, B.C.

Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing in which residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own neighborhoods. - cohousing.org

“What is Cohousing?” is a very good introduction to cohousing in the form of a slide show. It was created by Kraus Fitch Architects, Inc.

If you only have one minute to get an overview of cohousing, watch
The Cohousing Concept.

Live in a truly neighborly neighborhood is an 7 minute video about Fresno Cohousing. The interviews are perfect. Every time I watch it I get excited about cohousing.

You can read more about cohousing by visiting these web pages. (Clicking any of these links will open a new browser window.)

http://www.cohousing.org - The main cohousing web site
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cohousing - Wikipedia’s entry on cohousing
Rethinking the commune - AARP Magazine, April, 2006
"True community is based on equality, mutuality, and reciprocity. It affirms the richness of individual diversity as well as the common human ties that bind us together." - Pauli Murray

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